FREE Purchasing Review

Everyone wants to make sure they are getting the best value from their budgets but analysing your spending, researching costs and managing suppliers can take up valuable time and resource.

The Consortium has over 40 years' experience in managing suppliers and sourcing the right products at the right price. We are now able to offer our expertise to help Care establishments analyse current spending and provide recommendations and strategies to achieve best value.

Our unique FREE Purchasing Review is a simple 3-step process to identify where and how you can make savings and involves:

We work with you to:

  • Review your typical spending by supplier
  • Identify the key products you purchase regularly
  • Build up an overall procurement picture of your spending and areas where you can make savings

We provide recommendations that will:

  • Clarify your key purchasing requirements: the products that are business critical and where brand matters
  • Identify where best value can be achieved through a combination of service, product and price
  • Find efficiencies through supply chain consolidation, either by achieving better pricing or by reducing the administration involved in managing suppliers

Finally an implementation plan to provide you with:

  • Access to key business critical products
  • Access to key brands
  • Tangible results in terms of savings and efficiencies

To arrange your FREE Purchasing Review, please email